Not in Pennsylvania Anymore

Sorry it’s been a little while, I’ve been super busy and my school day 8 or 10 hours depending on the day, but today it’s only one hour so I can blog. Orientation was fun, it started in NYC where I met all the kids from the US that are going abroad. We had a bunch of meetings there and then we left for France after two days in NY.

This is a pic of all the kids going to France from the US. I am in the third row back on the right side, and my hair looks brown so I might be hard to find.
The flight was 6-7 hours and I sat next to some new friends which was fun. We got dinner and breakfast. Dinner was goat cheese ravioli and pesto cream sauce with some kind of corn and onion salad, a roll and a brownie. It wasn’t bad! Breakfast was a muffin. Here’s a picture of dinner, my sister was curious about the airplane food so this paragraph is mainly for her.

Next we arrived and went to a youth hospital on the outskirts of Paris where we met all of the other kids from around the world that are studying in France this year. It was really cool to hear all of their accents, especially the kids from New Zealand (who had a 20+hour flight (with some layovers) to France!) We went to Paris on the second day and went to the Eiffel Tower and saw the Louvre and L’arc de Triumph and that bridge with the locks on it-its’s completely COVERED in locks it’s crazy-from the bus. Under the Eiffel Tower we made a huge circle with the 60+ kids that were there an did this dancing singing type thing. I think it was in Spanish? Everyone looking at us and standing around us but it was fun.

The room at the youth hostel

We were in the bus and our leaders told us to close our eyes and when we opened them, the Eiffel Tower was directly on our right.

Walking to the tower.

Touching the Eiffel Tower kind of

Part of the circle plus our awesome leader Alice

The view when we looked up

We made two lines and danced

A couple of random people under the tower had signs that said free hugs so at the end of our dance one of the leaders brought them over for us

L’arc de triumph

A model on top of a building in Paris

The Louvre

the train station

When we got off the train and met our host families, there was a reporter interviewing the kids who are studying abroad in that region, and it was in a local newspaper. The other kids in my region are really nice and from the US, Italy, Bolivia, Norway, Russia, and Venezuela. That’s all for now, I’ll post more about my town and host family (who are very nice) later. Hope all is well! 🙂

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