Hey! Hope everyone’s doing well, sorry that the pictures didn’t upload in the last post but in the meantime, I can still write posts! This one is about school.  I just finished my first week of school and not gonna lie, it was tiring, but interesting too!
Monday it was ten hours, tuesday it was 8, Wednesday was one hour,  Thursday was nine I think and Friday was eight I think.  It’s hard to keep track, because classes are 1-2 hours and every week we get a new schedule,  so it is constantly changing.  For example,  next week I don’t have school at all on Wednesday!  Hooray! 🙂 There are about 2500 kids at my school and it’s in town, so part of the building is built up four stories so that it can fit. It’s a pretty big building and is part of a complex that includes the gym building,  sport field and middle school. It’s  fairly modern looking and has a gate in the front (outside of it is where a lot of the kids, myself NOT included, smoke) and a statue like the one you would find at the hull (I think that’s the right word? Sorry if not) of a ship,  but it’s a guy instead of a girl. There’s a canal around the corner and it’s so picturesque – lots old buildings and hotels on the one side looking over it and the canal itself is old stone it’s so pretty. I’ll take pictures of the school as I become more comfortable there I think.
For classes you are mainly with one group of kids and you have most classes with them. My classes are: English- They learn English and about America and Canada and Australia in this class. The teacher is French,  but she must have learned English in England because she has a British accent when she speaks English. I miss good old American accents! The kids know a little more English than I know French. One of them thought that NYC is in Florida but then again I don’t know much about French geography so I’m not making fun I just think it’s interesting to see what people in other countries know about America. It was awesome the other day, the teacher was asking questions about the anthem and flag and I got to tell them all about how the thirteen stripes are for the thirteen original colonies and that the name of our national anthem is The Star Spangled Banner. I felt very patriotic I was ready to get up and sing it for them 🙂 French class is their version of English class,  with reading and writing etc. Math is hard to understand what the teacher is asking and so I do what I can. I have two sciences,  Chemistry and Body and Earth science. There’s history, which is basically Humam Geography and gym which is two hours a week and rotates from volleyball to badmitton(my favorite!) to running to gymnastics or soccer.I’m hoping that I can do soccer, I think that’d be fun.
We have lunch for either one,  two,  or three hours.  There is a cafeteria (which is ok) and a restaurant (which is smaller and serves really good panini type sandwiches) and you can go to the restaurants around town if you want. Yesterday we went to Dominoe’s,  which I thought would be like a taste of home,  but two of the three pizzas didn’t even have red sauce!  They have regular pizza like we have in America but they also have different ones with different French cheeses on them. It was still good though! We take public transportation to school.
The kids dress about the same, maybe a little dressier. You don’t really see any bare legs, most people wear tights even though it’s not that cold yet. There are a lot more heels and boots with heels here, not as many leggings and lots of skinny black pants and blazers. Also, it’s not uncommon for people to wear the same outfit two days in the same week, or two days in a row. Maybe not even the whole outfit, just a portion of it sometimes.  Not that it’s a bad thing,  just an observation. More short haircuts than at home. Guys wear a lot of this brand called Jack and Jones, which is just like A&F style t-shirts with the brand name on them. A lot of the guys wear manpris and their shorts are skinnier than the ones in the US. The guys also sometimes roll their jeans up to their knees which is interesting.  We bring our own athletic clothes to gym class. Some teachers where jeans, even when it’s not Friday!  What culture shock that was for me. Teachers also sometimes repeat outfits.  I have yet to go shopping 😦 also, they don’t have all the school gear that we have- no school store where you can buy a school sweatshirt and t-shirt and sweatpants and water bottle and for $19.99 you can get your school logo printed on every item of clothing you ever buy including your undergarments and wedding gown if you want. I miss the school logo clothing! A lot of the kids wear clothing with English on them, but I wonder if they know what some of them mean, like how when you see those shirts at Forever 21 with French on them and you don’t know what it means. I saw someone wearing a zip-up hoodie that said “Too sexy for love” which completely baffled me. Like are you so sexy that people just find it distasteful and don’t want to go out with you?  Or maybe being sexy takes a lot of time as far as keeping your hair voluminous and heels high and you just don’t even have time for dating? I myself do not know and have minimal experience with being sexy so let me know if you can explain please and thank you.  Also sorry to anyone reading this who is offended by the word sexy. My bad! 🙂
At orientation in France,  one of the volunteers told us that French people are always on strike and they joke that it is a national sport.   It seems so, because on the fourth day of school there was a strike and I walked in it! It was because the bus use to be free for students I believe and now it costs $100. There were kids doing it the whole day, but my host sister and her friend and I had a free period so we walked through town until we found it. There were police officers walking next to us and a car driving with us towards the front playing music. There were maybe a couple hundred kids. Occasionally someone would start a chant or something,  or set of a smoke bomb or other small, loud fireworks.  It was interesting and I’m glad I went,  just to get the experience. It was in the local newspaper and there was a bigger strike for the same thing in a bigger city near us, and it worked!  They are giving the money back or something like that.
Anyways,  I am doing fine and adjusting,  my host family and host house and host school are all nice, I miss home a little but I am happy to be here and I know that ten months will go by quickly. Sorry for the lack of pictures I am trying to figure that out. Hope all is well where you are,
~Jill 🙂

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3 thoughts on “School

  1. Corine Charrier on said:

    Merci pour ce premier message, Jill! C’est fantastique de lire tes observations. Continue Bon courage chez les Francais!


  2. Hi Jill! I LOVED reading this! Your attention to detail is most impressive and I love your observations. Glad you are doing well! Your mom misses you so make sure you call and text her often! 🙂 Mrs. Harrison


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