Rabbit Hunting

So a few weeks ago, my host aunt and uncle and cousin came to visit. The cousin has just adopted a baby girl from Algeria, and she was the cutest little thing. She also has a three year old boy who is also adopted from Algeria and is also adorable.  He strongly resembles Jackson Avery from Grey’s Anatomy.  Anyways, we were sitting at dinner and my host mom asked me if I wanted to rabbit hunting with the cousin and the uncle. I said yes, because I want to try new things, and despite living somewhere we we have a day off of school-a break from education-so that we can go and hunt animals, I have never been hunting before. So, I woke up bright and early Sunday morning, listened to a podcast of my church’s sermon, debated what to wear for the day’s events for a while, had a chocolate croissant for breakfast and it was off to the races. We drove to the town where more relatives live, I’m not really sure how they’re related, but the ride was really pretty with lots of yellow leaves and open fields and rows of trees.  Here, the trees are planted in rows, and it’s kind of strange but I miss the sporadic trees of the states, and the leaves don’t change orange and red in the fall. Anyways, the relatives own an apple orchard, so we grabbed a few apples for the road and drove a little ways to a field where we got out and started walking. There is a special formation to walk in for rabbit hunting with four people,  I’m sure you’re aware of it unless you happen to live under a rock or something.  The two people without guns each walk next to someone with a gun, so every other person has a gun. I did not have one,  in case you couldn’t guess. You also have to walk a little bit behind the people with guns so that you don’t get shot. Go figure. And you walk in a line so that you can scare up any rabbits that are hiding in their nests. It was almost like a hunting scene from Dowton Abbey, with the big old-fashion looking guns and the men wearing scarves and fashionable olive green jackets. So anyways, I wanted to go, thinking it would be walking through lush green fields and seeing the beautiful french countryside.  Which it was, at least part of it, except we were walking in mud and it was for at least three hours I think. I thought this area was really flat, and it usually is, but somehow we found a bunch of hills to walk up, or so it felt that way. And when you walk through one field, you don’t walk through it just one time, you go back and forth a bunch of times to make sure you’re covering eveything. It rained a little, but not badly, and we walked past this entire field of bright yellow flowers which are used to make a kind of oil. We only got one rabbit, and I didn’t get to taste any rabbit stew or anything,  I honestly have no idea who took it, I was not too keen on watching the whole actual process of finding and shooting and actually hunting the rabbit, I preferred the not seeing any and just enjoying the view and the peacefulness part. I also got to eat an apple right from the tree, which was delicious of course. Anyways, I’m glad I went. It gave me a lot of time to think about how I am feeling and doing here and whatnot while surrounded by beautiful fields and trees and nice people. My entire walk was like one big open prayer that the homesickness would subside and I would start to make connections with people here and understand more and that it would just get better already and here I am, a few weeks later, happy to be here and hardly homesick, getting closer with my friends and family, and somewhat understanding more. Regardless of the incredible amount of mud that somehow got its way into my tall boots, I consider myself blessed to have been able to go rabbit hunting. Who would’ve thunk it. Hope all is well! 🙂

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