Sorry I have been super busy etc but hope everyone had a nice holiday! I was super afraid of Christmas time, and it actually wasn’t that bad because Christmas here is not like Christmas at my house so it’s not like I was constantly thinking “this isn’t like reading The Night before Christmas with my family or playing or annual Christmas soccer game” because we didn’t do those things. We spent the day at my host family’s house here, and a bunch of family came, which is great because everyone in my host family is really cool. I can understand pretty much everything now so that also makes it more enjoyable.  We ate a late lunch that was also kind of dinner, complete with escargot which are actually really delicious in my opinion, they’re super buttery with a bunch of herbs and the texture isnt as chewy or slimy as most people seem to imagine. We opened presents later in the day, maybe 4:00ish and I got pajamas and slippers and makeup and soap and tea etc, all of which are good presents to me. It’s funny, at home,  if someone had given me something like soap for Christmas I probably would’ve been like “Seriously?  There are easier ways to tell me that you detest me and no longer want me to be a part of your life than giving me soap for Christmas.” But here I’m like “Ahhh thank you so much I can’t wait to use this!” And I really mean it. I don’t really know why I’m more appreciative of soap now, but I don’t really know how I can understand french either. Also, a friend of my host sister’s came over Christmas eve, and that struck me as sad, that her own family, complete with a mom and dad and brother,  are doing nothing on Christmas eve to the point where she can spend the day and night at a friend’s house. It made me so grateful to think that I not only have a family in the states who have a place for me and care about me and want to spend time with me but one in France too. Also Christmas morning was really cool because one of my host family members who isn’t christian asked me to pray for someone in the family which I thought was cool. Anyways, as far as Christmas in france goes,  they have these Christmas markets in a lot of towns which are stands that little wooden houses and sell food and trinkets etc, and are super cute. Hot wine is super popular around Christmas,  as well as escargot, Christmas logs (cake that looks like a log from a tree with a bunch of little animals or leaves or other decorations on top), and foi gras, which is mashed duck liver, usually eaten on toast. I tried it and it wasn’t too bad but I don’t like it that much. I went to Paris for new years, which was awesome, we explored the neighborhood of Monmarte which is beautiful and went to this amazing church that has this awesome view of Paris. we spent new year’s night at my host parent’s friend’s apartment in paris, which is really cool and full of African stuff because north Africa is like two hours from the south of France so they go there a lot and do research and stuff and the other people there were all adults who were very nice and also very smart but I had just walked around Paris for six hours and they were talking in french (surprise surprise) so it was a little difficult to keep up. They were all very nice though, but because I didn’t know them and they were older I had to use the “vous” form. I prefer to spend holidays with people I can use the “tu” form with generally,  although I am very glad to have had the experience I think I’ll stick with family and friends in the future if possible. Dinner was deer meat, because the french eat wild food during the holidays, seeing as it is more expensive,  though not necessarily better in my taste. Anyways, hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and happy new year to you all, I’ll try to post more stuff. 
~Jill 🙂

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