To begin with, Bittersweet is the name of an incredible book that I highly recommend to anyone, no matter who you are, no matter what you believe, to at least try reading. Not only is it beautifully written, it’s written personally, and the honesty the author shows through the stories and lessons she has learned is extremely refreshing. Anyways, Wednesday the 1st was an extremely bittersweet day for me. Bitter, because it was my last day with my good friend Nicolette who left France Thursday, and sweet because I saw my good friend Ali from home for the first time in seven months. We spend the day in the city with my other AFS friends, had a wonderful lunch and did some shopping. It was such a blessing to have been able to see Ali here and show her my french life, and to have had Nicolette in my school and for her to be such a good friend to me here. And now they’re both gone, but I’m ok, because I know I’ll see Ali again and get to spend my next two years of highschool with her, which should be fun. Nicolette, on the other hand, I’m not sure when I’ll see again. It’s actually quite sad to not know when, or if, even, you’re going to see a person you got so close with again. Seeing Ali again was just like it use to be, made better by the fact that it had been seven months since we’d last seen each other. We ran and hugged at the train station, as cheesy as that is, and I got a sore throat from our non-stop talking. We discussed old topics (feminism, fashion, Hillary Clinton,college) and new ones (Taylor Swift’s newest album, gap years, Rodarte) and in between our many topics and rants we listened to 

Out of the Woods-Taylor Swift
Wildest Dreams-Taylor Swift
No Scrubs-Bastille version
Daylight-Matt and Kim
Sometime Around Midnight-The Airborne Toxic Event
I’ve written the songs down because I feel that knowing of the soundtrack of a story makes it richer and also because they’re really great songs. School was fun, I got to show her the “uniform” that all the girls wear (high heeled black boots, skinny jeans, cardigan or sweater, scarf), the french food, my favorite bakeries and shops, my awesome host family, the long school days. We ate French-Chinese food for my host’s sisters birthday and went to my host dad’s play Friday night. She also got to experience a little bit of what it was like for me at first-not understanding anything, not being familiar with the food or knowing how to work the shower or anything. She soldiered through quite well though! Her time here went by so quickly and Saturday morning we got up early and I took her to the train station. Waving to Ali as her train pulled out of the station wasn’t sad, it was almost as nice as seeing her get off her train Wednesday, because I knew that this wasn’t a goodbye as long as the last one, it’s more like a see-you-in-three-months. Which is crazy to think about-only three months left?! Also happy (late) Easter to everyone! 🙂

hugging at the train station


lunch with my AFS friends


Ali enjoying France


Nicolette and me on the train


waving goodbye to Ali


our afternoon snack of macaroons and tea


the theatre Friday night


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