A french wedding 

French wedding
This past vacation we had (we have four vacations throughout the year and they each last two weeks) my host family and I travelled to the south of France the Perigord to be exact) for the wedding of a family friend. It was an amazing experience, but not exactly what you would call a typical french wedding. By that I mean it lasted four days and we all stayed in houses on the same property. There were also a lot of activities like swimming, ping pong, and an organized sports competition. The couple is leaving to travel the world in a few months and so the reception room was decorated with globe paper lanterns and umbrellas with world maps on them. The wedding was also a little particular because everyone was suppose to wear something blue, the inspiration coming from the color of the sky. My favorite part of the whole experience might have been the day after the wedding, where after dinner we walked out to the pool which was surrounded by glowing balloons. The bride and groom had a big paper lantern, and we all released them at the same time-it was so beautiful. Another fun part was doing the dance routine everyone learned to surprise the couple. I was a little sad when Sunday morning came and the festivities were over, but also excited because our next stop was: Toulouse, France!    The lanterns

  Letting the lantern go

  The wedding cakes-yes, they had firework-like candles

my host sister, me, my older host sister, and my host brother’s fiancé 

  The decorated reception room

  The couple trying to find the piñatas

  The wedding ceremony in the rain

The groom surfs, so he asked everyone to draw something on his board to keep as a memory (I drew the half circle design to the left of the rectangle of tape).

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